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stories through film.


       who i am       

My name is Mackie Mallison and I'm an 18 year old filmmaker from Portland, OR. I'm currently producing documentaries, making narrative films, and providing freelance film production services. When I was 12, I began to develop my cinematography and video editing skills by making home movies with my best friend. After endless hours of practice, I started to post my own original content on YouTube. Many of my projects have been featured through various outlets such as C-SPAN, Adobe, and the Obama White House. 



Fighting Discrimination with Filmmaking

Kana Heitzman has found solace in filmmaking after experiencing discrimination throughout his life for being Japanese.

The stories and experiences of artists of color often go unheard of. I wanted to share the voice of a Japanese filmmaker who has experienced discrimination to the point of him creating art to change the world around him. My own personal experiences with discrimination being Japanese-American prompted me to address the issue through film.